Master of Education Dyslexia Therapy

The Mississippi College Dyslexia Therapy Training Program is a research-based program to train therapists to work with students who have dyslexia and related disorders. The core of the training evolved from Orton-Gillingham, a scientific, universally successful, specific teaching approach that combines all three learning modalities — auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The training program has been strongly supported by both the National and Mississippi Scottish Rite Masons.

Goals of the program:
-To provide an educational experience which meets a community need and enables participants to become professional dyslexia therapists.
-To become a part of an effort to assist students struggling with dyslexia and written-language disorders by working in a variety of settings and contexts — private and clinic settings as well as private and public schools.
-To provide participants with relevant theory and research, history, appropriate methodologies, curricular knowledge, and applied techniques.

Course Elements:
-Sound-symbol association
-Simultaneous multisensory teaching
-Discovery learning processes
-Direct instruction
-Process oriented approach
-Systematic, explicit, cumulative
-Linguistic theory and foundation
-Instructional Components:
-Phonological awareness
-Simultaneous multisensory teaching
-Discovery learning processes
-Direct instruction
-Process oriented approach
-Systematic, explicit, cumulative
-Linguistic theory and foundation

Dyslexia Therapy Program of Study:
-EDU 6571 – Introduction to Dyslexia Therapy and Multisensory Teaching
-EDU 6572 – Dyslexia Therapy — Theory and Practice
-EDU 6573 – Dyslexia Therapy — Assessment and Evaluation
-INTERNSHIP – (Total of 820 clinical hours +amp;60 hours of classroom supervision)
-EDU 6575 – Dyslexia Therapy — Internship I
-EDU 6575 – Dyslexia Therapy — Internship II
-EDU 6575 – Dyslexia Therapy — Internship III
-EDU 6575 – Dyslexia Therapy — Internship IV

Completion of six semester hours of elective graduate level education courses in reading, gifted, special education, etc.
The Mississippi College Dyslexia Therapy Training Program is a two-year graduate level course of study leading to a Master of Education degree in Dyslexia Therapy.
The M.Ed. in Dyslexia Therapy at Mississippi College has been approved by the State Board of Education as a graduate degree meeting all requirements for an advanced degree by elementary and secondary licensed teachers. The State Board of Education has established licensure requirements for holding an “AA” Teaching License in “Dyslexia Therapy”. Those requirements include holding a valid standard “A” teaching license (valid for five years) and completion of a master’s degree in dyslexia therapy. The AA License may be added to an existing A License for both elementary and secondary level teachers.

Dyslexia Therapy Program Entry Requirements

Candidates for this program should:
-Have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and must be admitted to the Mississippi College Graduate School.
-Hold an “A” teacher’s license or have evidence of experience in teaching or working with children or adolescents. A photocopy of the standard educator license is required. (Candidates not having a Class A Educator’s License should contact the Mississippi   College School of Education for requirements.)

Apply for Graduate School admission to:
Mississippi College
Office of Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 4029
Clinton, MS 39058
FAX: 60.925.3889
Or visit us online at

For more information, contact:
Shirley Tipton
Secretary to Dean Don W. Locke
Mississippi College School of Education
P.O. Box 4009
Clinton, MS 39058
FAX: 60.925.3859

Some Comments from Current Dyslexia Therapy Program Participants

“MC’s Dyslexia Therapy Program is wonderful! The program is sequential and gives a sound foundation in phonological awareness.”
“WOW! What a great experience! This program has offered great information on a structured, multisensory system to teach children how to read.”
This training has provided me with effective skills for teaching all students struggling to read.”
“Thank you for allowing me to discover how to teach struggling readers how to read. What a gift for both of us.”
“The children who have the privilege to have teachers trained in dyslexia therapy will never be the same!”
MC’s Dyslexia Therapy Program is the best, most in-depth dyslexia training I have ever experienced.”
You would be amazed at the wealth of information that can be shared with children. Children will learn to read with the Dyslexia Therapy approach.”
“The Dyslexia Therapy Program of MC will benefit children for years to come. We feel very privileged too have been selected to be in the first cohort group.”